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International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is an open access journal that provides rapid publication of articles in all areas of science and Engineering streams. 

This journal is indexed by many International bodies, and it is approved by National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources (NISCAIR), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, India. 

Publication Fees 


There is no publication Fee.


Publication Ethics

A R Research Publication follows all ethical standards to ensure scholarly integrity in a responsible manner, to maintain public trust in the research published for public benefit and research development.


An individual who has made considerable academic contributions to a scientific investigation, example, one who contributes significantly, to the conception, design, execution, analysis and interpretation of the data, participates in drafting, reviewing or revising the manuscript for intellectual content and approves the manuscript to be published.

Corresponding Author

If there are multiple authors in an article, one author should be designated as the Corresponding Author. A Corresponding Author assumes overall responsibility for the manuscript, providing significant contribution to the research effort, may not necessarily be the principal investigator or project leader.


All co-authors of a publication are responsible for providing consent authorship to the Corresponding Author, should contribute in the research work, take responsibility for appropriate portions of the content, acknowledging that they have reviewed and approved the manuscript and are responsible for the content of all appropriate portions of the manuscript, including the integrity of any applicable research. Authors may acknowledge those people who helped in research project, such as office staff, editorial assistants, medical writers, or other individuals in their acknowledgement. Guest (symbolic), gift (an individual who has not contributed to the research work) and ghost authors are all inconsistent with the definition of authorship, and are unacceptable and a violation of this policy.

Conflict of Interest

A Conflict of Interest exists when judgment regarding the research is influenced by factors such as financial gain or personal relationships. All authors are required to disclose any financial, personal or other associations that may influence or be perceived to influence, their work.


A R Research Publication is committed to publish original and unpublished material to maintain the integrity of the scientific record. The corresponding author must affirm that all of the other authors have read and approved of the manuscript. All articles submitted to A R Research Publication are screened for plagiarism using authenticate. If an article contains traces of plagiarism, A R Research Publication will lead an investigation on the matter and will take further action depending on the type of plagiarism. Duplicate submission / publication: Authors must assure that the manuscript is not being considered for publication in whole or in part elsewhere. Processing on manuscripts found to have been published elsewhere or under review will be suspended and authors will suffer sanctions.

Reviewing instructions

A R Research Publication publishes small but important customizations of methods, with the intent to provide technical information useful to researchers working in the field. It should be clear what changes over the status quo are being presented, and how their validity has been tested. We ask authors and reviewers to focus on the technical aspects of the work.

We don`t ask for a lengthy review; please answer the following questions (you may copy and paste the questions in your online reviewer report).

 It is journal policy to just allow text revisions. If additional experiments are required for a manuscript to become suitable for publication, we will reject it.

 1. Are the technical steps logical and described with sufficient detail?

 • Yes • No

 Please specify what should be improved including which revisions are essential.

2. Can others reproduce this method based on the protocol(s) provided?

• Yes • No

Please specify what should be improved including which revisions are essential.

3. Will this information be useful to others working in the field/with this method?

 • Yes • No

Please specify what should be improved including which revisions are essential.

4. Please assess the manuscript`s different sections:

• Abstract (very good/acceptable/needs improvement)

• Graphical Abstract (very good/acceptable/needs improvement/not included)

 • Methods (very good/acceptable/needs improvement)

 • References (very good/acceptable/needs improvement)

Please specify what should be improved including which revisions are essential.

 5. What is your recommendation?

• Accept as it is

• Accept with text revision

• Reject

 6. Please provide your comments (specify where the value of the paper lies).

Your reviewing comments are a valuable contribution and we would like to acknowledge your efforts publicly, should the article be accepted.

Please indicate if you are happy for us to publish the following sentence: “A R Research Publication thanks the reviewers (your name) of this article for taking the time to provide valuable feedback.” If you prefer not to have your name mentioned we will publish an anonymous acknowledgement.

• YES, I am happy for my name to be published.

• NO, I prefer to remain anonymous.

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