International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IJEEE)




       The aim of the International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IJEEE) is to provide an international forum for the publication and dissemination of original work that contributes to the understanding of the main and related disciplines of engineering, either empirical or theoretical. This journal is an e-journal having full access to the research and review papers.

The Journal covers the whole spectrum of engineering and science which includes, but is not limited to,

»Electrical Engineering
»Control engineering
»Power engineering
»Electric vehicles
»Signal processing
»Power engineering
»Control engineering
»Electronic engineering
»Signal processing
»Telecommunications engineering
»Instrumentation engineering
»Computer engineering
»Electro-Optical Engineering
»Digital signal processing
»Embedded micro controllers
»Solid-State Devices
»Semiconductor Theory
»Microwave Devices and Circuits
»Analog Electronics
»Systems and Controls:
»Control Systems
»Discrete Event Control
»Neural and Fuzzy Control
»Nonlinear Modern Control
»Biomedical Signal Processing and Instrumentation
»Electromagnetic Fields and Applications:
»Remote Sensing
»Electromagnetic Fields
»Microwave Systems
»Digital Signal and Image Processing
»Neural Networks
»Statistical Signal Processing
»Nonlinear Image Processing
»Virtual Prototyping
»Virtual Environments
»Telecommunications and Information Systems
»Information Transmission and
Communication Systems
»Power Systems and Industrial Power Electronics:
»Efficient Operation
»Distribution, Deregulation
»Power Electronics Engineering
»Optical Devices and Systems:
»Optics Electro-optics
»Diffractive Optics
»Nonlinear Optics
»Nanotechnology and
MEMS – Materials and Devices:
»Quantum Electronic Devices
»Semiconductor Surfaces
and Interfaces
»Single Electron Devices
»Sensors and Detectors
»Carbon Nano-tube Devices
»Noise and Reliability in
Nano-Electronic Devices
»Micro actuators
»Polymer Electronics,
and Nano-photonics
»Bioelectronics Engineering
»Nano-electronics and Photonics

The purpose of IJEEE is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles on regular basis without delay in the developing field of engineering.
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